Director of Content
Is your dream job one that allows you to craft one of a kind stories and lead revolutionary conversations on innovation, entrepreneurship and modern management? If you’ve got an insatiable curiosity, proven writing chops and are excited to join a well known brand, read on below.

Who we are:

Born from the global movement spawned by bestselling-author Eric Ries, Lean Startup Company offers a number of different education formats -- practical content, consulting services, training, coaching, and live events -- for learning about Lean Startup principles. These principles provide a cutting edge, scientific framework for innovation and are a crucial set of management tools for the 21st century, designed to help organizations of all sizes build a scalable and sustainable future for themselves.

Our skilled faculty provide year-round transformative practices focused on impact, outcomes, learning, and the mindset necessary to help companies thrive in a fast-paced environment. We serve every size company and sector of the economy — from the aspiring entrepreneur to high-growth startups, nonprofits, and large bureaucratic institutions.

Who are we seeking?

We’re seeking a Director of Content who will continue to position Lean Startup Co. as the most trusted authority on all things innovation- and entrepreneurship. You’ll provide our community with fresh insight, invaluable resources, and opportunities to engage with leading innovation experts across platforms. You’ll lead the charge in ensuring our content resonates with our audience and their changing needs.

The position is 100% remote, and will start as a part-time contract role. We ask that you’re 1) located in the U.S. and 2) available to communicate during Pacific Time business hours.

In order to be successful in this role, you must be able to demonstrate that:

  1. You care deeply about the needs and interests of our community and know what it takes to build trust and readership. You have battle-tested questions and customer development strategies for building content based on audience needs and feedback.
  2. You’re a masterful storyteller. You’re a writer, editor, and curator at heart. You understand storytelling, narrative hooks, and you know a catchy idea when you hear it. You find the hidden gems and angles that showcase unique perspectives, engage audiences, and bring stories to life.
  3. You’re a strategic thinker who understands the importance of playing the long game. You have experience growing an online content destination and know how to establish and iterate on stories and test content marketing channels to maximize impact and reach.
  4. You’re a natural networker. You love connecting with talented people across fields, disciplines, and companies. You’re just a phone call or email introduction away from any up-and-comer or big name you’d like to cover. You also recognize that “content” is a crowded space—and that it’s your job to ensure exceptional writing gets in front of the right people. You aren’t intimidated by networking, friendly outreach emails, and working with others to promote your ideas.
  5. You have a track record of accomplishments demonstrating your content marketing prowess and want to get better. Your teams can attest to the results of your work in audience and community development, content and channel optimization, segmentation, analytics, establishing thought leadership, and increasing readership.

What You’ll Own

As the Director of Content, you will spearhead all content marketing initiatives, across multiple platforms and formats, engagement, retention, leads, and positive customer behavior. You’ll lead initiatives such as:

    • You’ll ensure all content is on-brand, consistent in terms of style, quality, and tone, and optimized for search and user experience across all channels.
    • You’ll identify and interview luminaries, network leaders, and founders and create original, compelling content based on their stories. We seek to share lessons from both big names and newbies.
    • You’ll map out a holistic content strategy and editorial calendar that supports and extends content marketing initiatives, both short- and long-term, including but not limited to written content such as blogs and newsletters, podcasts, and webcasts. Continuous evolvement of strategy and calendar are a must.
    • You’ll regularly integrate customer development work into the content marketing and editorial strategy. This includes conducting ongoing usability tests to gauge content effectiveness as well as gathering data and analytics, and making recommendations based upon those results.
    • You’ll work with the Sales and Marketing teams to ensure collateral is in line with messaging from the marketing perspective.
    • You’ll work with the Head of Events to align the event content marketing strategy to ensure content is on-brand, consistent in terms of style, quality, and tone.
    • You’ll create and own Content Playbooks. This includes developing standards, systems, workflows, and processes (both human and technological) for content creation, distribution, maintenance, retrieval, and repurposing, including the real-time implementation of content strategies.
    • Establish the workflow for requesting, creating, editing, publishing, and retiring content.
    • Manage content across multiple channels and create a log/library directory system to be able to track and search as needed.
    • Stay on top of the latest conversation points, thorny issues, and hot topics related to entrepreneurship and innovation and ensure our content reflects these discussions.
    • This includes internal and external team members who contribute content, from freelance writers and editors to education faculty members.

You’ll fit right into this role and our team if:

  • You’re excited to build out the content & marketing function from the ground up. This includes developing high level content strategy and executing on it from start to finish. Over time, you may even build a team around you to help fulfill our vision.
  • You have experience with, and ENJOY working for a young, growing startup. ​You’ll work directly with Lean Startup Co.’s co-founder and must love balancing the big picture, strategic thinking with rolling up your sleeves and getting into the details.
  • You’re curious and resourceful. You LOVE solving problems and aren’t afraid to admit you’re obsessed with getting the details right.
  • You have a strong sense of ownership and urgency as it relates to the health of the company.
  • You possess high levels of integrity, autonomy, and self-motivation.
  • You are open to feedback, take ownership of your mistakes, and love applying your lessons learned to get 10x better.
  • You have a keen ability to manage competing and changing priorities.
  • You are assertive, fair, and capable of directing others and implementing projects with little to no supervision.
  • You work well with cross-functional teams and hold yourself accountable for your actions.


  • Bachelor's degree in English, Journalism, Public Relations or related communications field. Advanced degree or on the job training in marketing a plus.
  • Excellent written, verbal, and presentation skills.
  • 5-10 years of proven experience as a respected leader in multichannel content creation (publishing, journalism, etc.).
  • Skilled new media strategist— a “nose” for the story and channel it’s best delivered through, whether that’s written, audio, video, or another format. (If your dream job is spinning out press releases, sorry, this isn’t it).
  • Able to screen out sales pitches and look for the relevant brand and customer story.
  • Project management skills related to editorial schedules and deadlines.
  • The ability to lead and manage a remote content/marketing support team
  • Skilled at blending long-form and immediate content creation distribution strategies and tactics.
  • The ability to think like an educator, intuitively understanding what the audience needs to know and how they want to consume it.
  • Clear articulation of the business/audience goal behind the creation of a piece (or series) of content.
  • Familiarity with principles of marketing (and the ability to adapt or ignore them as dictated by data).
  • Fluent in web analytics tools, social media marketing applications, and leading social media monitoring platforms.
  • A willingness to embrace change and adapt to shifting strategies on the fly.
  • Continually learning the latest platforms, technology tools, and marketing solutions
  • Familiarity with and ability to work remotely and collaboratively (Slack, Zoom, Google apps).
  • Ability to juggle and prioritize many different tasks simultaneously, and enjoys collaborating with a wide range of teams.

Bonus if you have:

  • A journalistic/editorial background
  • Led a marketing team
  • Content creation and/or marketing experience in the Lean Startup, tech and/or innovation space. You don’t necessarily need deep knowledge, but these topics fascinate you. You have a genuine interest in becoming a domain expert and are passionate about empowering and growing our community.
  • Built your own following through a personal brand/blog
  • A comfort level with acting as the company's spokesman and advocate via media appearances, interviews, trade shows, etc.
  • Experience creating a resource or organized library of content with relevant tags for easy searching

Why You’ll Love Working With Us

  1. We encourage growth.
    • If it’s your dream to become a leader in an organization, this is the role for you. We seek people who want to be promoted and grow with us.
    • You’ll have your very own Lean Startup coach to support practicing Lean Startup methods in your work.
  2. Unplug!
    • We work hard while we’re in the office but also work hard to not bother you when you’re out. We encourage unplugging and prefer you don’t check email while you’re off the clock.
  3. Big impact.
    • If you’ve ever wanted to be in the middle of a legacy-making organization, this position is for you. The work we do will go down in history as powerfully transformative.
    • We are a startup with global brand recognition headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Our global community will give you a front row seat to the challenges they’re facing around innovation.

*Note - We understand that you are eager to hear back from us. We receive a lot of applications and cannot respond to all of them. Please do not reach out to us regarding your application. If there is a mutual fit, we will contact you to move forward with the next steps in the process.